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Is ClickUp HIPAA compliant?

by Sara Nguyen

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Healthcare project management is essential to keep your practice running efficiently, so you can treat patients. But it’s important to consider HIPAA compliance when you choose project management software.

ClickUp is a popular project management software that can track project progress, chat with other team members, and automate processes. It may sound ideal for your healthcare organization, but let’s review if it meets HIPAA security standards.

ClickUp and the business associate agreement

Business associates are third-party vendors that have access, transits, or store protected health information (PHI). Like covered entities, business associates are also required by the HIPAA Security Rule to protect PHI with appropriate safeguards. 

This is where a business associate agreement (BAA) becomes an essential part of working with business associates. A BAA outlines the duties and responsibilities of a business associate with protecting PHI. If a business associate won’t sign a BAA, covered entities can’t work with that vendor.

ClickUp does offer a BAA to its customers. But you’ll need to sign up for the highest-tier plan to qualify for this agreement. 

ClickUp and data security

ClickUp passes the first HIPAA compliance hurdle by offering a BAA to select customers. But not all HIPAA compliant software is built the same. Some only offer the bare minimum features while others provide several security features to protect your data.

ClickUp says its software includes the following security features:

Covered entities will want to do their research to ensure that ClickUp’s security features match what they need. It may be up to healthcare providers to configure security settings to make sure HIPAA compliance takes place.

Is ClickUp HIPAA compliant?

Yes, ClickUp can be HIPAA compliant. Covered entities can only have a BAA signed with ClickUp if they use the Enterprise plan. A BAA isn’t available to covered entities on lower-tiered plans. ClickUp is also transparent about the security features it offers, which makes it easy to determine if it can meet your HIPAA security requirements.

Keep your email correspondence HIPAA compliant

With the rise of cybersecurity attacks in the healthcare industry, covered entities should always be proactive in maintaining a robust security system. This includes using HIPAA compliant vendors. Covered entities should also realize that sending HIPAA compliant email is often the foundation for protecting PHI in online correspondence.

Paubox Email Suite can automatically encrypt all emails that your employees send to patients. Since you can directly communicate with your patients in their inbox, there’s no need to use patient portals to ensure secure communication.

Our HITRUST CSF certified software means that we meet the gold-star industry standard to manage risk. Paubox has security features like two-factor authentication and blanket TLS encryption to keep your emails secure.

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