by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox
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Hawaii Customer Success Roadshow: Great places to eat

by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox

Paubox Customer Success Roadshow - Side Street Inn
Catching up with customers and friends at Side Street Inn

During our Hawaii Customer Success Roadshow, we made it a point to eat at some choice spots.

For example, since we stayed at an Airbnb in Liliha, we hit up Liliha Bakery (LB) on the daily. All told, we bought and gave away 6 dozen coco puffs. We also sampled their pancakes, the loco moco, various omelettes, hamburger steak and breakfast sandwiches.

Side Street Inn, Dot’s, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, poke bowls from Foodland, and Nico’s Pier 38 were also staff favorites.

Enjoy the pics!

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Side Street Inn on Hopaka
Side Street Inn on Hopaka - Paubox Customer Success Roadshow in Hawaii

Selfie with customer and good friend Anthony Hunt (BlueRock Partners) – Side Street Inn
Hoala Greevy and Anthony Hunt - Side Street Inn on Hopaka

Dot’s Restaurant in Wahiawa
Dot's Restaurant - Hawaii Customer Success Roadshow

Teishoku plate B #ftw – Dot’s. Hoff and Rick each got the Hawaiian plate. We were immobilized afterward.
Dot's Restaurant - Teishoku Plate

Coco puffs from Liliha Bakery were a homerun omiyage for our customers
Liliha Bakery - Hawaii Customer Success Roadshow

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers for a quick lunch stop
Teddy's Burger - Hawaii Customer Success Roadshow

Getting after it at Teddy’s
Teddy's Burgers - Getting after it

Arianna Etemadieh was blown away by the musubi selection at the Wahiawa 7-11
Arianna Etemadieh was blown away by the musubi selection at the Wahiawa 7-11

We love Nico’s Pier 38
Nico's Market! - Hawaii Customer Success Roadshow

Impressive poke bowl options at Nico’s
Impressive poke bowl selection at Nico's

Kulolo on top of the glass, poke behind it
Poke bowls at Nico's

We ran into Allegra Coleman- We love your dad!
Allegra Coleman and Hoala Greevy

Poke bowls and Kulolo at Nico’s
Poke bowl and kulolo

Having the Pauahi (mezcal, lychee-black pepper shrub, dolin blanc, angostura bitters) at Moku Kitchen
Moku Kitchen and the Pauahi

Ono poke and the Pauahi – Moku Kitchen is where it’s at.
Ono poke and the Pauahi - Moku Kitchen

Breakfast with Carl Takamura (McKinley HS Foundation) at Zippy’s Vineyard
Carl Takamura - Zippy's Vineyard

The OG Kotteri at AGU
Lunch with Ben Wang at AGU

Ben Wang (Blacksand Capital) also got the OG Kotteri. It was great catching up with him to cap off a blitzkrieg week.
Lunch with Ben Wang

Korean BBQ and Tequila at Leroy and Lacey’s condo in Kahala
Dinner at Leroy's house

Raw oysters were a hit. They went well with the bbq pork.
Dinner at Leroy's

Lacey Kane cutting Korean pear.
Lacey Kane cutting Korean pear

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