by Arianna Etemadieh
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Emily Fagan: Alvord-Taylor uses Paubox to eliminate faxes and improve workflows [VIDEO]

by Arianna Etemadieh

Next on the Paubox Customer Success Road Show saga, we visited Portland, Oregon. The visit was full of great customers and delicious food.

While there, we visited Emily Fagan, Quality Assurance Assistant at Alvord-Taylor.

Alvord-Taylor empowers people with disabilities to live fulfilling lives in the community. With all the sensitive information transmitted to make that happen, Alvord-Taylor wanted to invest in a secure email solution that would ensure that their individuals’ sensitive data would stay safe.

When it came to choosing a secure email provider, Alvord-Taylor chose Paubox for our easy implementation and honest business practices.

Alvord-Taylor + Paubox Customer Success

Below are timestamps from our conversation:

0:000:29 = Intro

0:300:55 = Emily’s role at Alvord-Taylor

0:561:41 = Alvord-Taylor’s mission

1:422:03 = What integrated employment means

2:042:13 = The particular individuals Alvord-Taylor helps

2:142:40 = Where Alvord-Taylor’s clientele are based

2:413:00 = Alvord-Taylor and PHI

3:013:21 = Alvord-Taylor’s workflow for transmitting PHI

3:223:47 = The hassle of sending a fax

3:484:13 = Life after Paubox

4:145:06 = HIPAA compliant calendar invites through Paubox

5:075:45 = Alvord-Taylor agency picnic

5:466:43 = About Alvord-Taylor’s “Thorough Wellness” package

6:448:02 = Other solutions Alvord-Taylor considered in addition to Paubox

8:038:20 = Biggest healthcare security concern

8:219:17 = What makes Alvord-Taylor special

9:1810:20 = The difference between a supported living environment vs. a group home

About Alvord-Taylor

Since 1970, Alvord-Taylor has supported people with disabilities enjoy quality lives in the community.

They serve over 80 people in the Eugene-Springfield area and focus on person-centeredness: facilitating independence and building personal opportunity.

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