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Anshul Pande: Digital experience between patient & provider | Paubox Spring Summit 2021

by Hannah Trum Senior Marketing Specialist

Anshul Pande, VP and CTO at Stanford Children's Health

The opening session from Paubox SUMMIT 2021: Secure Communication During a Pandemic.

Pande is the vice president and chief technology officer of Stanford Children’s Health, the only healthcare system in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to pediatric and obstetric care. It is also one of the few in the country. As CTO, Pande is responsible for all aspects of technology selection, deployment, and delivery for Children’s Health.

Pande explores what digital transformation means in a post-pandemic world and how organizations worldwide can focus on technology as a support rather than a crutch.

Anshul Pande: Now all this was being done, to ensure that the bond between the patient-provider to a shared digital experience is as good as possible and as comparable as possible to a human touch experience. And that’s the ultimate holy grail for digital right?

How do you connect the touch portion versus the digital portion in a way that the overall experience builds better connectivity between the patient the provider? And I’ll give you an example of what we were doing from a behavioral and developmental health perspective, one of the things we realized pretty early on was that teenage boys are much more comfortable and open talking to a doctor or therapist when they were in their own bedrooms.

Because partially, it’s a safe zone for them. And powerfully they using technologies that they use every day when playing games with their friends. So video and audio conversation in a teenager’s bedroom was super easy. One of the other things we realized was the ability for our providers to be able to see their surroundings and be able to have a conversation with the child with the parents, and then all of them together brought lots of insights that would not happen in a clinical setting.

So in a number of cases today, when a new patient is brought in for adolescent, the developmental health topics, we actually are now starting with a video visit at their homes, to understand the scenarios, better to understand how they live a little better before they bring them into a clinic or a subsequent conversation. And then here’s what was happening in the outside world, right? between 19 and 20, the investment in health tech doubled. So from $7 billion to $14 billion.

And frankly, in 21, that’ll even get higher, I think we are expecting a 16 to 17% increase in that number. And what that does is investment brings new entrants into the market new ideas. I’m seeing a lot more folks from FinTech, from other businesses coming into health tech. And that’s great. more ideas, bring in more products and services, bring in new products and services. And that is just incredible for the health tech ecosystem to have more brilliant people thinking about the problems that we’ve been thinking about for a very long time.

So just great overall for everybody. And what that drives is making the impossible possible. I think we’ve always been in for more people coming from outside. This is just an incredible time for doing that.

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