by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox
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Integrating Adobe Campaign Classic with Paubox Email API

by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox

Integrating Adobe Campaign Classic with Paubox Email API
Adobe Campaign Classic is Adobe’s on-premise solution for patient engagement in healthcare.

We’ve previously discussed the differences between Adobe Campaign Standard and Adobe Campaign Classic.

The purpose of this post will be to detail how to configure the Paubox Email API with Adobe Campaign Classic.

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Part I: Signing up for the Paubox Email API

The recommended solution for configuring Adobe Campaign Classic with the Paubox Email API is to use the SMTP relay option. To get started, contact sales at 415-795-7396.

Part II: Static IP

During the on-boarding process, we’ll need to know the static, public-facing IP address that your Adobe Campaign Server will be using.

Part III: Adjusting your SPF Record

Next, we’ll need to adjust the SPF record of the domain name you will be sending mail from.

For example, let’s say you have the following email setup:

  • Corporate email is hosted by Microsoft 365
  • The public IP of your Adobe Campaign Classic server is

In this example, your SPF record will probably look like this:

v=spf1 ip4: -all

You’ll need to edit the SPF record to include Paubox SMTP addresses. To do this, adjust it to:
v=spf1 ip4: -all

Part IV: Configuring Relay Host on Adobe Campaign Classic

On your Adobe Campaign Classic server, configure the relay host to point to:

You must also configure Adobe Campaign Classic so that it sends email via STARTTLS. The Paubox Email API will not accept unencrypted SMTP connections.

To do so, edit serverConf.xml so that it contains:


You are now ready to send HIPAA compliant email from Adobe Campaign Classic via the Paubox Email API.

Try Paubox Email API for FREE and make your transactional email HIPAA compliant today.
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